I'm Lindsay, a Graphic Design and Web Developer based in Arizona. I create marketing, e-commerce, visual layouts, coordinate projects, advise clients with their online presence.
I'm a problem solver trouble shooter.
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About Me

I specialize in Web Development, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Social Networking. With extensive experience across diverse industries including Art & Film Location Management, Office Administration, IT Support, Project Coordination, and Systems Development, I bring a dynamic blend of skills.
Driven by passion and creativity, I am a dedicated self-starter committed to delivering timely and seamless integration of new developments, from conception to documentation. Dependable and detail-oriented, I thrive on collaborative contributions and excel in providing exceptional customer service.
With 12+ years of experience in customer inquiries, I am motivated to uphold customer satisfaction and contribute to company success. My strengths lie in strong time management, prioritization, and a relentless drive for excellence.

Contact Details

Lindsay Bradford
Scottsdale, Az
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I have a so many cool skills. Creative Maker, Film Industry, Barista, Designer/Coder, Marketing, Admin.

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    Digital Design
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    Basic Computer
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    Film Industry
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    Project Coordinator

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